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At Outdoor Index, we believe that there are as many choices for excursions as there are travelers who visit us. It is because of this that we have placed a great emphasis on the development of online functions that provide useful tools to plan your trip to your preferences. 
On our website, you can “window shop” all the excursions offered in the Chilean Patagonia, with the varied providers that operate in different areas of the region. This permits you to have all the available information to make the best decisions for your trip.
The itinerary creation tool will allow you to create your own, completely personalized, tour package without the necessity of incurring extra charges that raise the price of your trip. You will even be able to pay for your entire trip before leaving your house and have assistance and control of your reservations through the mobile version. No more having to deal with tricky currency exchanges and last-minute charges. All the prices that you will see on are the same prices that our direct providers have on their websites.

So, why choose us? Because we put you at the center of our operations as if we were your travel companion who recommends the best possible experience for you and intercedes on your behalf when there is a setback that needs to be resolved. We know the region and we work with the best providers. Together, we are assured to maintain the highest standards of quality, safety, and service. Follow us on social media or on your cell or tablet and you will see the difference.

Once we have received the payment from Paypal or Webpay, immediately our platform will send you a voucher for your reservation. From that moment your reservation is counted as confirmed. In case of any inconvenience, our customer service team will contact you.

All our suppliers are companies of a high standard in aspects of reliability and security. If you have any cancellation problem, with or without justification, please contact us ( and we will generate a new order with a similar product, or if you wish we will manage the return of your money.

Outdoor Index is an outdoor activity and excursion platform. Due to this, it is of vital importance that the information you provide on your profile is as honest and precise as possible. Our reservation and payment system is always linked to a User(s) Profile. This way we can transmit correct information to our providers who will carry out the activity in the terrain and it will be those who are updated regarding your food preferences, medical conditions, or level of physical capacity. This is our principal tool in attending to your needs.

The reservation and purchase system created by Outdoor Index is designed to protect the traveler, especially if they are travelers so important to you. When you start the purchase process (in the itinerary section) you will be able to include your children in your travel group. It is important that you fill in your child’s personal information to ensure that the tour agency takes all the necessary precautions.

All camping programs for the W Circuit and the O Circuit are designed for the use of a site and tent for two people. Therefore, the single supplement is a "fee" paid by solo travelers to offset the double occupancy cost of camping sites.


When you hire a service through our web platform, Outdoor Index, you must pay the equivalent of the sum of the tour service’s price or fee, plus tax related to the use of a credit card (as corresponding). Of this payment, collected by Outdoor Index, our agency retains the value of the corresponding service of mediation and the credit card tax. The rest of the money will be transferred to the final providers immediately following payment to generate the reservation. It is important before finalizing a transaction to pay attention to and read carefully all information about the current values and cancellation policies or changes described in each excursion or touristic service offered on Outdoor Index before instructing us to process your purchase.

The payment systems integrated in Outdoor Index (Paypal and Webpay) allow paying in almost all available currencies. The relationship established with the payment systems, as well as the conversion rate agreed upon with these services are the direct responsibility of the user of the accounts. Outdoor Index does not assume any responsibility for any inconvenience.

Outdoor Index operates with a shared commission system. On one side, we charge the agencies a commission for the total sales of an excursion or touristic service. We use Webpay for local transactions and PayPal for international.


Entering Chile is generally fast and simple if your passport is valid for at least six months after the date of arrival.

Consult Customs Regulations to find out what and how much you may take with you on your trip to Chile. There are no restrictions to the import and export of local or foreign currencies. Routine baggage inspections should be expected although travelers have had more exhaustive exams. The travelers that exit Chile from Region I and XII (duty free) may be subject to customs inspections.
Upon entering the country, double check your bags to make sure they do not carry food products. There are heavy fines for introducing fruits, dairy products, spices, nuts, meat and other organic products. SAG (Agriculture and Game Service) is the governmental institution that carries out customs checks. They check the bags and establish fines in order to avoid the spread of diseases and plagues that could threaten the exportation of Chilean fruit.
X Ray scanners are used at the principal international border crossings such as Los Libertadores (entering from Mendoza, Argentina), Pajaritos (entering from Bariloche, Argentina) and in all the airports that operate national and international flights.

When you arrive, you will be given a tourist document that is valid for 90 days. Don’t lose it!! If you do, go to the International Police or the nearest police station. You will need to present this document when exiting the country.
It is possible to renew your tourist document for 90 more days at the Department of Foreign Relations (Departamento de Extranjería). Present photocopies of your passport and tourist document. You can also request this renewal at the Department of Foreign Relations in the capital of any region in Chile.

Chile requires that travelers have a ticket for entry and departure of the country. You may be asked to present evidence of return ticket when checking-in to your flight at the beginning of your trip. The solution is to buy a refundable return ticket or obtain a cheap bus ticket online. Don’t forget to print your receipt.

Chile requires that travelers have a ticket for entry and departure of the country. You may be asked to present evidence of return ticket when checking-in to your flight at the beginning of your trip. The solution is to buy a refundable return ticket or obtain a cheap bus ticket online. Don’t forget to print your receipt.

In Outdoor Index you can download our specialized guide book of South Chilean Patagonia.

We insistently recommend that you travel to Chile with travel insurance purchased in your country of origin. There are always last-minute inconveniences, like flight delays, lost luggage, or a simple twisted ankle, that could keep you from being on time to your meeting point. Due to the remote locations of our excursions and their “extreme” character, a committed insurance policy could be a great help by permitting the coverage of medical costs or evacuation from remote areas.

Citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia and the European Union do not require a visa to visit Chile. Tourists originating from countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Chile must enter the country with a visa, which requires prior authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its granting.
The Chilean government charges a reciprocity fee of $30 USD, $117 USD, and $132 USD, to citizens of Albania, Australia and Canada, respectively. This charge is in response to its equivalent that those countries impose on Chilean citizens who request visas. This payment can be made in cash or credit card and only applies to tourists who arrive by air to Santiago. The payment is valid throughout the validity of the passport. The fee for residents of the United States has been revoked.

*Always carry your passport with you. The Chilean police may demand your identification at any time and many hotels require presentation of the passport when checking-in.  If you lose your passport or it is stolen, notify the police, ask them to register an official claim and advise your consulate as soon as possible.


Upon purchase of an excursion, activity, or tour service, the Outdoor Index platform will send you an email, to the address indicated on your user profile, with a PDF file attached of your purchase. In this archive, you will find your itinerary, the list of providers of your products with their contact information, reservation numbers, hired services, and signed waiver. We recommend you print these documents and take keep them with you at all times.

Any question or concern you have about an excursion, activity, or tour service can be answered by the Outdoor Index team. It is our business to be the mediator in your relationship with the tour provider in case of any misunderstanding, complication, or simply a language barrier. We will be here to answer your questions.
The entire Outdoor Index platform is designed for comfort and safety for our travelers as well as our tour agencies. Protecting your information and transmitting useful, trustworthy information for optimum enjoyment of life outdoors.
Once the purchase is made, all the contact information of the suppliers of your products will be sent to your email, indicated in your User Profile. From that moment on you can communicate directly with them. We recommend that you never give access codes to your Outdoor Index account as well as credit card numbers.


In this case, we recommend that you immediately contact us ( and let us be your intermediary. You will see that soon you will receive the answers you need.