Terms of Service

You, as a consumer, have the right to be informed about the documentation that could be needed to carry out your trip according to plan. Verify ahead of time if a passport, visa, vaccines, permission for minors or other documentation is required, whether it be to enter Chile or any other country you pass through in your travels. If one of these is required and you do not possess it, complete the necessary steps to obtain it with anticipation.


Outdoor Index is an online excursion company that is contracted for the service of intermediation between local tour agencies and tourists who make use of the Outdoor Index web platform. We inform about the products that the tour providers offer, specifying their characteristics or conditions, carry out reservation and purchase requests, collect the values corresponding to the prices and we mediate in the case of doubts or in the search for solutions when a concern or inconvenience is presented. The tour providers (Tour Agencies) are who finally carry out the purchased product or service for the consumer on the www.outdoorindex.cl platform.


When you contract service through our agency, Outdoor Index, you must pay the equivalent of the sum of the price or fee of the tour service, plus relevant taxes on the use of a credit card (as applied). The payment can be made in two ways on our platform: paying 100% of the product´s value or paying 30% of the product to generate the reservation. We will request the remaining 70% of the payment within a variable timeframe, depending on the proximity of the requested date. It can range from 48 hours after confirmation of availability to 70 days in advance. It is important that prior to accepting the transaction, you pay close attention and carefully read the information regarding the valid pricing and cancellation or change policies described in each excursion or tour service offered on Outdoor Index, prior to instructing us to proceed with your purchase.


Outdoor Index uses two payment options validated internationally PayPal and WebPay. These will appear before your purchase request. When the consumer fills in data for their account or card and accepts the operation, then he/she authorizes the charge in the amount of the price and/or fee, the payment of the charge for our service and the charge for the use of the credit or debit card. If you make a payment in quotes, keep in mind: the charge for our service and the related tax on the use of the credit card is applied in the first quote; the interests, taxes, commissions or other charges that may generate purchases in quotes through credit cards will depend on the conditions that the consumer has agreed upon with each bank or credit broker. We recommend that the consumer becomes informed of the conditions of use and of the interest associated with his/her credit card before making a payment in quotes.

The quotes related to the use of the credit card will vary according to the type: If you use WebPay will be charged, 2,95% (chilean pesos) for the transaction, and 5.4% + $0.30USD if you purchase via PayPal.


The process begins with the purchase generated by the user from our website. Validated the purchase (in our payment systems) the user will receive in his email the confirmation of the purchase and a pdf file with his Voucher. In this will be detailed all the information about te product and the data of the local tourism agency will be attached. In case of any inconvenience our customer service team will contact the tourist.


The 30% of the total program cost will be requested to start the reservation process. The remaining 70% must be paid no later than 70 days before the program's start date, which is also the deadline for making changes to the reservation.

Reservations made less than 70 days before the program's start date must be paid in full (100%) within the next 48 hours after confirmation by the executive. Once payment is received, no changes or cancellations can be made.


Our cancellation system is formed based on percentages between the day of purchase and the initial day of the reservation.

In case of cancellation:

90 days or more before the program's start date, a 100% refund will be issued. Between 89 and 70 days before the program's start date, only 50% of the amount paid will be refunded. Between 69 and 45 days before the program's start date, only 20% of the amount paid will be refunded. 44 days before the program's start date or less, no refunds will be given. In case of a no-show, no refunds will be issued.

Regarding the entry fees to Torres del Paine National Park, as they are purchased from an external entity that does not allow date or name modifications or cancellations, their cost will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Reservations are non-transferable and nominative.

* In the event of cancellation or annulment of confirmed reservations, the service fee for intermediation and the tax paid for the bank transfer are not subject to reimbursement, as they correspond to a service effectively provided by Outdoor Index. The previous statement applies to all products and activities as long as the contrary is not stated in the description of the products in the “policy” item.

All cancellation requests and eventual refund requests must be directed in writing to the email address info@outdoorindex.cl. Outdoor Index will mediate between the consumer and the service provider with the objective of evaluating the governing terms in the cases of annulments or cancellations.


In the event of a resurgence due to COVID-19, which implies the closure of borders; closure of the Torres del Paine National Park, national quarantine or the client is infected with COVID-19 (presenting the proper medical certificate that accredits it), outside the established cancellation deadlines, Outdoor Index offers to reschedule the date of the reservation at no cost to a stay until April of the same season.


It can be rescheduled at no cost with the option to change the date of stay until April of the same season or cancel a reservation up to 45 days before the check-in date, Individuals and Groups. All changes to reservations, outside the cancellation and payment deadlines, that generate a value lower than the original price, will not be refundable. If the reservation change was a higher value than the original price, this price difference must be paid.

5.3) NO SHOW:

Check-in is at 3:00 p.m. and check-out at 9:30 a.m. Guests must present themselves at the accommodations before 9:00 p.m. on the date indicated in the reservation. If you do not show up at the indicated time, Outdoor Index reserves the right to charge 100% of the value of the reservation, due to No Show, in addition, the reservation can be made available for sale again.


The consumer will be able to send a claim to the email info@outdoorindex.cl. It is recommended to attach immediately a copy of supporting documentation, explaining what occurred and formulating in clear and simple terms the desired solution. In this way, we will be able to revise your case in a fast and efficient way. Outdoor Index will analyze the claim and give a response to the same email address of the consumer within a time frame of 7 working days to confirm the receipt of the claim and documentation. In the case of requiring a longer time frame to compile supporting documents or more information, the consumer will be informed, specifying the additional time needed. The purpose of Outdoor Index is to exercise the service of intermediary between the parties with the objective of resolving as quickly as possible any problem or general concern regarding any of the products or services contracted through the www.outdoorindex.cl web platform.


All texts and images loaded onto the website will be carefully reviewed by Outdoor Index staff to ensure they complete our standards. Photos with poor resolution, collages, watermarks, filters, texts, or that are dark, blurry, black and white, with people posing etc will not be permitted. It is prohibited to have texts with direct links or appear to have direct links to company websites (names, websites, emails etc) that bypass the commercial structure put forth by Outdoor Index. Outdoor Index reserves the right to modify or eliminate information loaded onto the platform that does not meet the requirements set forth.