Sofía Lagoon / Benitez hill

Located 30 kilometers from Puerto Natales, this is a must-see of the region.

Laguna Sofía, Puerto Natales

View from the top of Cerro Benitez. Photo: Matías Garcés / @viewnia.

Sofía Lagoon is the preferred area of the staff for its infinite possibilities of activities: Condor sightings at the peak of Cerro Benitez, searching out cave paintings, enjoying a horseback ride along the shore, and kayaking. Within these hills and rock formations simply going to appreciate the incredible beauty allows you to connect with the history and formation of the Patagonian landscape. Sofía Lagoon was covered by glaciers until 20,000 years ago and then eroded by a large paleo lake that expanded over the province 150 meters above sea level. This valley is known in the region for its various archeological sites that allow us to understand the recent past of fauna and the population of humans that existed here around 8,000 years ago.


Laguna Sofía, Puerto Natales

Old Lenga trees at the beginning of the trail to the top. Photo: Matías Garcés / @viewnia.

Located 30 kilometers from Puerto Natales, this is a must-see of the region. t’s perfect to head out for the entire day on bicycle, paddling, or hiking the various hills to see the horizon. To the west you can see the Last Hope fjord, Sierra Prat, Cerro Ballena and Balmaceda mountain. To the south is Puerto Natales and mountains from the fjords and to the east you’ll have a glimpse of Sierra Dorotea, the natural border with Argentina.


Laguna Sofía, Puerto Natales

View to Argentina and Doroteas sierras - Sheep skull. Photo: Matías Garcés / @viewnia.

It is also a popular spot on the weekends, and could even be considered a “natural spa” for locals of Puerto Natales. As soon as the sun warms up, you’ll see bathing suits and swimmers in the cold waters of the lagoon. After a good hike, you might as well jump in the waters of the lake to refresh your body. This will also help you muscles recover and be ready for your next adventure.


Laguna Sofía, Puerto Natales

View of the valley. Photo: Matías Garcés / @viewnia.

How to arrive

Take the paved highway, Route 9, towards Cerro Castillo and at the sign for Sofía Lagoon, located approximately at kilometer 30, turn left and follow the dirt road until you reach the shore. It is recommended to rent a car for the day. Another option is to go on bicycle (10,000 pesos / $17 USD per day) and enjoy the day outside. Always remember to bring snacks, lunch, and stay hydrated.


Good to know

Although the lagoon and its beach are for public use, all the surrounding lands are private. This is why we ask you to have the greatest respect for the animals and the nature of the place. Remember to take all your trash with you and do not fire for any reason.


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