Ode to Laguna Sofía on mindful walking.

This inhospitable and incredible place is located northeast of Puerto Natales between Sierra Señoret and Cerro Benítez.

Laguna Sofía


This inhospitable and incredible place is located northeast of Puerto Natales between Sierra Señoret and Cerro Benítez; a natural amphitheater to explore different ecosystems such as forests, pampas, mountains, and the lagoon. Perfect for various activities such as hiking, kayaking, climbing, bird watching from the majestic condors to the small Chincoles, as well as the different species that inhabit this place.


I invite you to read, connecting and imagining my personal story...


Laguna Sofía


"After hours of hiking and reaching the supposed goal, I feel a special taste; I realize it's just another moment of being present. What I really feel is that the process of living moment to moment goes beyond the achievement itself. I stop, contemplate, and connect with the unique and special energy that this mysterious place gives me. I feel its essence nourishing me from every space and every breeze that makes me feel even more alive every second. I breathe in the purest air my lungs can receive and exhale gratitude as I observe the beauty around me. At this precise moment, I stay there, without expectations, and let myself be surprised as I immerse myself in the lush Lenga forests with my gaze.


I continue my walk but keep my focus on my breath, listening to every sound, looking at the landscape, every plant, and every insect. Reaching the top, at that moment I look around and can see the fjords of Ultima Esperanza and the majestic flight of the condors closer than I had ever imagined. An incredible scenic beauty full of wisdom.


Laguna Sofía


When I understand that my disconnection from nature, my true home, is largely the generator of my external and internal crises in which I live, I have no choice but to return to it. I listen to it, connect to take care of it out of love, experience a connection so that walking to that "goal" makes sense. I become aware of why I do what I do, rethinking my dreams and passions. So that what I want to give to the world makes sense, recognizing myself as part of the WHOLE.


I had never experienced such a strong connection as the one felt in this inhospitable place, often shy and hidden, Laguna Sofía gives you an indescribable, not to say healing, energy, and I would love to invite you to perceive it, to take the time to connect, to enjoy the simple things, to see the magic in everything around us, the company, the mountains, the sunlight. I invite you to feel the energy with which nature nourishes the soul, making every act, every step conscious, daring to feel emotions so as not to evade them, and thanking the beautiful present in which we live."


Laguna Sofía


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